I’m a bit of Florida cliche.
Can you catch me dunking in the sea under the sweltering sun more often than not? Yep.

I’m a bit of a comic.
My laugh is the loudest when it’s at my own jokes.

I’m a bit of a wishful thinker.
I’m still holding out for time travel, specifically to Scotland in the 1600’s, Paris in the 50’s and Seattle in the 90’s.

who's that girl? 
It's jess!

and Hey!


My laughter. My safe space. My driving force in all of the things I do. My main cheerleaders. I love these two humans to the moon and back and would do anything in my power to make life better for them everyday. I am an enneagram type eight and they weren't lying about being protective! 

my family

I love the water. I'm happiest in it, near it, on it, whatever. Every shade of blue in the ocean (and the sky!) is my absolute favorite. I love being right under the surface looking up to see the rays of light breaking through the water line. The peace and calm in that space can't be replicated anywhere. 

water baby

Do what YOU want! Plain and simple. I know everyone is coming at you with a million ideas which is great and amazing that they care but it can be input overload. Dial back, look at your person, and just do whatever makes your hearts sing. If you want to run to the mountains to elope, do it! If you want to skip the traditions grandma did at her wedding, do it! If you want the biggest party ever, do it! It's your wedding.

best wedding advice