Anna & Pat – Snuggle Session – Jupiter Film Photography

Jan 29, 2018

Do you guys ever do something that you’re really freaking proud of but it takes you forever to share? Enter this session from good ole spring of 2017. I have been wanting to do more at home intimate sessions with couples and who better to reach out to than one of my photography model muses, Anna and Pat. I basically call them whenever I want to experiment with some film and they are always up for anything. They were the first family I shot on film and they are the first in home snuggle sesh I did. I love them. I feel like there is something more real and raw when you are shooting at home. It’s just you. No epic winter sunset to steal your thunder, just you. Add in some sweet jams, diffuse some essential oils, give some beloved prompts and your scene is set. It’s therapeutic.

This whole session was shot on film.

Mamiya645 with Fuji 400h

Nikon F100 with maybe Ilford Delta 3200 or Triple-X 400. I can’t remember!