Megan and John – House of Refuge Wedding

Oct 12, 2018

Some wedding days are gray and overcast but filled to the brim with joy and inner sunshine. This was one of them. Megan and John had their destination wedding at the House of Refuge on the beach. Their guests flew in from all around the globe. They had one of the most meaningful ceremonies I have ever had the honor to be at. There was not a dry eye on the beach. Each of the groomsmen gave John a huge hug when they walked down the aisle while the girls each put a flower in a vase. Megan and John also had their rings passed around to each guest during the ceremony. You were supposed to hold the rings in your hands, look at the couple, and make a prayer or wish for them over their rings. It was the sweetest thing I have seen yet at a ceremony. Everyone each had their own special moment with the bride and groom and were such a huge part of their wedding by doing this. They were both so happy and thankful to have eachother, their friends and families, and just the day. High vibes all around.

“Take a lover that looks at you like maybe you are magic.”



Taken second shooting for Kindled Photography.