Nicole and Daniel – Orange Grove Maternity Photography

Jun 13, 2013

Nicole wanted a middle of nowhere, overgrown greenery look for her maternity session with lots of pretty sunshine. This can be hard to find in Florida when you are surrounded by beaches. So, I went on the hunt and drove west, north, west some more and then found an amazing building I could not pass up. I showed her the building and suggested orange groves as well and she was all about it! So we were both excited. Her original session date was pushed back and then the rescheduled date rolled around and guess what, torrential downpour! We saw some openings on the radar and decided to just chance it! The whole time we were driving there it was pouring cats and dogs and I was chewing my nails hoping for it to stop once we hit our location. Guess what? It did! The clouds stayed but the rain held off until the very end!! It was actually raining on us in the last picture. I snapped it standing under an umbrella and then we ran for the car since it was thundering! So it wasn’t sunshine and overgrown tall grass and trees but I think this session ended up being even better than that. Sometimes the best things aren’t what you planned on.

Nicole and Daniel, I hope you enjoy these images of the fleeting moments of just the two of you before Adelina Reign enters this world. You are both going to be such amazing, graceful parents and I can’t wait to meet her!