Lindsay and Yoel’s Rustic DIY Bonnette Hunt Club Wedding

Dec 2, 2013

I don’t even know where to begin with this wedding. So many special moments with special friends and family. All of the details were 100% DIY. Lindsay’s grandma made her gorgeous one of a kind dress, Lindsay and her mom made all of the centerpieces, her mom’s friends made all of the tasty desserts, Yoel made a dessert tower, and Lindsay made the bouquets. Lindsay’s brother drove the girls to the ceremony in his school bus that he has converted into a home that he travels the country with his friends in. So much love and energy was put into this couple’s big day and it just shone through everyone and everything. These images make me smile, laugh, and cry so I hope they do the same for everyone who witnessed this beautiful day.

The girls got ready at Marriott’s Ocean Pointe on Singer Island. The ceremony and reception were located at the Bonnette Hunt Club in Palm Beach Gardens