Smoke Bombs

Jul 13, 2014

I like to make time to have fun and be creative with photography. I have a prism and convex lenses to experiment with. I’ve had a go at freelensing. I bought some holi powder over a year ago just sitting around waiting for the perfect shoot. I dabble in film with my 35mm. It’s freeing to be creative and experiment with different different ways to push your craft forward. I have been wanting to shoot with smoke bombs for some time now. Summer is here and the Fourth of July was approaching so I figured what better time! We did this little impromptu shoot the night before the Fourth. We drove to a place I had in mind but the gate was closed and locked, so we drove to a different spot where it started to rain. We checked the radars and figured we would drive east more since the rain was just over us out west. We drove east, walked out to the spot, and at that point had about 15 minutes to figure out how the different types of smoke bombs were going to smoke and create some fun images. I think we did well all things considered and had a lot of fun doing it!